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I am a sports psychologist and hypnotherapist and, as a former figure skater, I know the beautiful and challenging moments in sport. With positive psychology you can move mountains - in sport and in life in general. I look forward to showing you how. 


Sports psychology has always fascinated me. You can use it to overcome personal boundaries, resolve conflicts, strengthen your health and restore your inner harmony. I enjoy working actively and solution-oriented with people and am always fascinated by what we can achieve with mental strength. As an athlete, would you like to have more energy, improve your well-being or achieve another personal goal? Everything you need is already within you - let's go on a journey of discovery together. 

If we discover on our journey that the blockage is deeper, then simply let your subconscious be involved. We can do this with hypnosis. Hypnosis is the key to your subconscious and your emotions and allows us to really get to the root of an issue and solve it sustainably. I would be happy to explain more to you during an introductory meeting.

My offer:

  • Strengthen motivation to achieve your goals

  • Strengthen self-confidence/self-esteem and resolve stubborn doubts

  • Learn to approach challenges with calm and composure

  • Learn to access your personal performance potential at exactly the right time

  • Dissolve fears

  • Dissolve psychosomatic complaints (e.g. pain or allergies).

  • Dealing with injuries, sleep disorders and more


  • Master in Developmental and Personality Psychology (University of Basel)

  • CAS psychological & mental training in sport (ZHaW Zurich)

  • DAS Sports Psychology (University of Bern)

  • Certified hypnotherapist (OMNI Institute Zurich)

  • Specialist psychologist for sports psychology (FSP)

  • FSP (Federation of Swiss Psychologists)

  • Swiss Professional Association for Hypnotherapy (SBVH)

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